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Cookies and Gifts


All orders need a minimum of 48 hours notice

Trio Mexican Cookies - This is a simple, classic and must! Cinnamon sugar canelita cookies, piloncillo piggie cookies & Mexican wedding cookies.

Brownie trio - A dozen of 3 kinds of very special brownies - Mexican chocolate, mocha brownie & a delicious fudgy brownie made with Mexican chocolate, cajeta caramel and pecans.

Cookie Hug -  An assortment of delicious & comforting cookies. American classics with a Mexican twist. This box contains chocolate chip pepita cookies, Mexican mocha cookies, chocolate chipotle crinkle cookies.

Por Amor al Chocolate (Chocolate Lover's Box) - If you love chocolate as much as we do, this box is for you! The box contains Mexican chocolate brownies, mocha brownies, puffed amaranth bites covered in chocolate, mocha cookies, chocolate chip-pepita cookies and hot fudge. 

Signature Newyorkina Box - A selection of our favorite signature sweets! This box includes candied spicy mango bites, Mexican chocolate brownies, chocolate chip-pepita cookies, pumpkin seed brittle & Mexican wedding cookies .

Ultimate Cookie Box -  Our assorted box of our favorite cookies. It has something for everyone and a real crowd-pleaser. This box contains polvorones (Mexican wedding cookies), puerquitos (piggies), Mexican mocha cookies, chocolate chip-pepita cookies, cinnamon sugar canelita cookies & pecan meringue cookies. 

Gluten-less Box -  For our gluten-less friends! This box includes mazapanes (nut marzipans), spicy candied mango, pumpkin seed brittle, hot fudge and puffed amaranth bites covered in chocolate. 


Trio Mexican Cookies
Brownie Trio
Cookie Hug
Chocolate Lovers
Signature Newyorkina
Ultimate Cookie Box
Gluten-less Box
Pepitorias - Pumpkin seed brittle (12oz)
Polvorones (5)
Canelitas (22 cookies)
Merenguitos de Nuez
Alegrias - puffed amaranth covered in chocolate

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