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From Mexico to NY


From Mexico to NY

Tamal Collaboration 

Menu available 02/02 - 02/05

All orders must be placed by January 30th  

Delivery Minimum $75.00

Mixed Tamales Bundle:

Pork rib (Sobre-Masa)

Rajas con queso (For all things good, BK)

Sweet Tamales (La Newyorkina) -sweet tamal made with two kinds of heirloom corn

- Bundle of 6 (2 of each) 

- Bundle of 12 (4 of each)

El Newyorkino's Menu:

Tlacoyos de haba (Sobre-Masa) - 6 pieces: Traditional prehispanic dish, made with fresh corn masa and faba beans

Ensalada de nopales: Cactus pad salad, red onion, tomato, cilantro, olive oil

Frijoles de olla: Brothy Black Beans cooked with avocado leaf


Salsa verde: Green tomatillo-serrano salsa

Salsa macha: Cashew-pepita Salsa Macha

Salsa Tatemada de arbol: charred tomato-chile de arbol 


Atole de arroz (1 lt) 

Champurrado (1 lt)

Sweet Oaxacan Chocolate Tamales:

Minimum 4 Pcs 


Tamales Bundle
6 Tamales Bundle
12 Tamales Bundle

Tlacoyos de Habas
Faba Beans Tlacoyos (6)

ensalada de nopales

Salsas (V)
Salsa Verde
Salsa Macha
Salsa Tatemada

Atole de Arroz

Chocolate Tamales
Oaxacan Chocolate Tamales (4)

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