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Paletas, Mexican-style ice pops are delicious and found all over Mexico. We make them by hand, using all natural ingredients. We have creamy, fruity, filled, spicy…something for everyone 😉

We have regular sized ones at our shops and a small selection of mini paletitas, available for events and catering. We also offer boozy “borrachitas” pops for events.

We have around 40 flavors at the store. Some of those are available year-round, others rotate seasonally. Pick up a box of 12 paletas so you can sample at home or share with friends at a dinner party!

Some of our most popular flavors include:


Mango Chile

Pink Limeade


Hibiscus Raspberry

Lime Basil

Mango filled with Chamoy

Strawberry filled with Condensed Milk

Pineapple Jalapeño

Cucumber Lime

Mango Blackberry



Cajeta-Canela (Mexican cinnamon filled with goat’s milk caramel)

Red Hook (Coffee from Chiapas with chocolate chip cookie dough)

Café con Leche

Mexican Vanilla

Yogurt Berry (made with our favorite White Moustache yogurt)

Fresa Fields (Maria cookie with strawberries)


Mexican Chocolate

Chocolate Chile

Roasted Banana