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What exactly is Mexican style ice cream? We get that question a lot! It is delicious ice cream and sorbet, more similar to gelato, as it has less air and fat than American style ice cream. We make ours using the very best ingredients we can get our hands on: chocolate from Oaxaca, vanilla beans from Veracruz, dairy from a small farm in upstate New York and seasonal produce from small farmers.

The most traditional ice creams in Mexico are called “nieves de garrafa”.

These are made in a metal cylinder (that’s the garrafa) that is placed inside a wooden bucket. In between, layers of ice and salt surround the garrafa. 

The ice cream is made by hand using a large wooden paddle. 

The ones made without dairy don’t have cream, giving them a texture similar to ice milk. 

At our shop in the West Village, we make some ice creams and sorbet this way, with rotating flavors. It’s pretty cool because you often get to see someone making them fresh!