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All of our products are made by hand in small batches using the highest quality seasonal ingredients from local dairies and farms as well, whenever possible. We also use some products made by local artisans in Mexico and use high quality all natural ingredients and purees for flavors we can’t get here. There are no artificial flavorings or colorings. All natural and handmade with love!

Although we try to keep the favorites around it isn’t always possible because if the base product were unripe for example, we’d rather not have it at all. We are always coming up with new flavors and very open to suggestions and requests

Here are some of our treats as well as some of the most popular flavors we have.


From the word “palo” which means stick and refers to the way it is made and eaten. It is also the Spanish word for ice pop. We have regular and mini sized ones

Popular flavors: Mango - chile, avocado, tamarind, fresh coconut, papaya-passion, horchata, key lime pie & cucumber-lime


Nieve is the Spanish word for snow and it refers to sorbets that are water based, but Mexican nieves are like no other because our flavors are endless and exciting! In Mexico, the selection of nieves is often just as big or bigger than the ice cream so that in it self says it all.

Popular flavors: Guava, soursop, cucumber, piloncillo roasted pineapple, orange mezcal, grapefruit, jalapeño & quince


Basically, creamy, yummy ice cream

Popular flavors: Cajeta (goats milk caramel) pumpkin seed brittle, corn, canela, queso fresco-guava

Aguas Frescas

It literally translates into “fresh waters” - these are refreshing beverages made from fruit, seeds and/or flowers

Popular flavors: Limeade with chia seeds, almond horchata, Cucumber-lime, hibiscus-beet, peach orange & cantaloupe

Other sweet treats

Although we mainly focus on frozen treats we also do other yummy Mexican sweets especially in the colder months where you can find us making churros, hot chocolate, atoles, sweet tamales, confections and empanadas. For special occasions and holidays, we also offer special items like pan de muerto, Christmas fruit punch, and rosca de reyes. If you don’t want to wait till it gets cold though or want to have some other sweets to celebrate your special occasion simply contact us.


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